About Us

German Trading Systems Ltd. (GTS) assigned itself to offer trading-platforms customized to traders requirements. Our programmers are traders themselves and know exactly what a traders needs are, to trade intuitive and efficiently. We would like to let you and consequently your customer benefit from this experience and we are offering our product portfolio to you.

Our programs are cutting-edge products in the market of trading platforms and are exclusively available as complete White-Label-Solutions. If you license our White-Label-products, you remain completely independent since we don’t recommend with whom you work with. You keep control over all processes and data of your customers. You decide, whether you appear as clearer yourself or call a mediating clearer/stockbroker. We will be happy to give you a hand in finding the optimal clearer for your concerns.

Apart from Strategy Trader (for futures) and City Trader (for CFDs) GTS also offers individual solutions for trading-software. By means of our specialized portfolio and slim structures we are able to satisfy your needs very fast and adjust the software for your needs and those of your customers. To start with the visual adaptation of user interface, transaction costs, the implementation of particular functions up to the adjustment to the structure of your existing server on the basis of particular or standardized interfaces, we are unbeatable.

Thanks to GTS you are now able to offer all market-segments on platforms that are especially matching traders’ requirements without lengthy and expensive developments. The products were tested and improved by ourselves over a long period. You receive a mature product, which was improved again and again and also will be fitted to the almost daily altering market conditions.

The programs are first choice for market-interested newcomers as well as highly experienced heavy traders since the products are to be operated simply and intuitively without abandoning highly specialized features. From manual trading of single commodities to semi-automatic trading with trade lines up to fully automatic trading systems and neuronal nets, these programs offer the entire range of performance leaving nothing to be desired.

We assure you that we know your needs as a stockbroker especially well and that we have all the necessary know-how about brokerage at our disposal since our management have experience in this field over many years. Numerous good connections within the industry form a widespread network of specialist. According to the prevailing project the proper specialists can be consulted in order to get the necessary projects done optimally.