Overview every time through a constantly Account View Login

Even because of Placing Orders with the a.s.t. 2 is possible so fast and directly, it´s important to have an overview on the own Accounts. With the implemented Moneymanagement a.s.t. 2 shows you with one View your actual Profits or Losses.

View Profit scale in the Money Management Window

Furthermore it´s possible to fix a Daily Loss Level. If this Level is reached, on your Wish all open Positions and Orders are closed.

View Daily Loss Level in the Money Management Window

Furthermore the Filter function which is used in the a.s.t. 2 offers you the Possibility to adjust the Illustration of Windows as you wish.

So you can follow single Positions under Criterias previously fixed by you in the Windows Account View and Actual Position.

View Window Actual Position

View Window Account Overview