How to order with the a.s.t. 2 – under every circumstance

Also for setting Orders the a.s.t. 2 is designed for Speed. It offers you five different ways to order, to fully utilize the possible Performance, combined with your individual Trading style. You can set Orders the classic way through the Order desk or directly through the Chart window, fast and uncomplicated. Thereby the Prices for buy and sell are directly taken from the Cursor position and must be confirmed by one Mouse click. Also Orders can be placed directly in the Chart with so called Trade lines – with a simple scrolling with the mouse they can be changed quickly. Another possibility is the Double click from the bid and ask column of the “market depth” window as well as the “watch list”. The System is secured against “Snapshots” by mistake, because a Confirmation of the placed Order can be claimed through a Presetting ( can be deactivated ).

In the Order desk all Positions can be overviewed, executed and open Orders can are shown, you can monitor the Trading History for all single Contracts and all Activities as well as Contract specificated Informations.