Drawing Tradelines & save Profits

Also who prefers to place his Orders manually can´t stay in front of his PC without a break. The function “dray trade lines” is a possible Solution and the golden middle way between manual and automatic trading. Draw a Trade line into a Chart in the a.s.t. 2, which is combined with an Order. If the Price is moving into the wished Direction, the a.s.t. 2 automatically executes the Order when the StopLoss-Level is reached.

If the Prices go still into your Direction, the a.s.t. 2 shows that it´s a clever Profit Optimizer. The combinable Trailing Stop adjusts itself automatically step by step and so it can change from a StopLoss into a Take Profit Stop. Every additional Change of the Trade lines has a direct effect on the combined Order. As Example, with Deleting of a Trade line, also the corresponding Orders and/or the following Orders are deleted. Also with the Order way “Synthetic Order” you can use the Advantage that you can place an Order and don´t need to stay all the time at your Computer. Here also the System is holding your Order, analog to the Trade line. You can also combine it with continuative Order ways like OCO ( Video OCO Order ), Limit or Stop, to secure the Orders or to define the Take Profit in advance.

As Support for Analysis and Projections in a Chart you can draw as much horizontal Lines as you want, further a lot of other Symbols can be used.